Local Restaurants

As you would expect there are many local restaurants catering for a wide range of tastes and budgets!

Most restaurants serve set menus (mid-day) consisting of three courses for 15 to 25 Euros with a selection for each course, drinks are not normally included.

Entrees (Starters) will often include:


Nicoise (Tuna, hard boiled eggs, anchovies and olives)

Gesiers (Gizzards!)

Chèvre (Goat’s cheese)

Bloc de foie gras de canard (duck liver pate)

Warm goats cheese with walnuts

In more expensive restaurants the starter may well include

Foie gras mi-cuit, fresh duck or goose liver, cooked for your meal rather than preserved. Expensive but delicious!



Plats (Main courses) will normally include:

The regional speciality is duck (canard) and is served in a variety of styles.

Confit -de-canard

A crisp duck leg preserved its it own fat. Sumptuously rich and traditionally served with pommes de terre sarladaise (potatoes cooked in duck or goose fats with garlic and parsley). A truly wonderful combination washed down with a glass of red wine, superb but perhaps not for every day!

Magret-de-canard, duck breast usually served pink (Rosé)

Pavé-de-canard, literally a ‘slab’ of duck

Steak normally entrecôte, but also faux fillet (sirloin) and fillet are frequently available

You can order your steaks:

Bien cuit, well done

A poin(t), medium

Saignant, rare

It is worth remembering that in general the French prefer steaks less well cooked. So a medium (a point) steak may be more akin to rare in the UK. If your preference is well done, without any blood, then perhaps ask for bien, bien, bien cuit!, the waiting staff will understand you; whether the chef does is another matter!!!

Agneau, lamb

Steak haché, a beef burger made from mined steak. You will again be asked how you would like it cooked.

There may be a token gesture to a vegetarian option, but in our experience this is very limited. An omelette may be offered or some form of pizza or salad.

Cassoulet, a slow cooked casserole with white beans, sausages, goose or duck. A hearty meal, traditional but perhaps best for the winter months.




Generally gateau, glace (ice cream) creme brûlée, chèvre (goats cheese)

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