Motoring Information

The map below indicates our preferred route to the house from Calais, avoiding Paris. The distance is approximately 500 miles; the journey time is around 8 hours not including stops.

Sat Nav coordinates are: 44.970235, 1.079302

The majority of this route is on motorways or dual carriageways.

Tolls are in the region of £20 each way.


General advice

France is just over twice the size of the UK with a similar population. The roads, even in the busier summer months, are generally quieter than those in the UK. Driving is generally relaxed and most roads are well maintained.

A large proportion of the autoroute network is privately funded and subject to tolls (Peage). On entering a toll section you take a ticket and at the end of that section or when leaving the autoroute a fee is paid. The easiest and quickest way to pay is via credit card. Just follow the over head gantries to “cartes” place your ticket in the machine and then your card. There is no verification required.

French national holidays lead to the first Saturday in August being exceptionally busy on the routes from Paris to the South. Two weeks later the Parisians are heading home! Please allow extra time and expect delays.


Speed limits

Motorway speed limits vary between 110 KPH (68 MPH) and 130 KPH (81 MPH). When it’s raining 110KPH is automatically reduced to 100 and 130 to 110.

Out of town single carriageways are generally limited to 80KPH (50MPH)

In towns, villages and built up areas the limit is 50KPH (31MPH) On entering a town or village the 50KPH speed limit is applicable as soon as the sign with the name of the town with a red border is passed.

Please be mindful of the speed limits. The French authorities are deploying greater numbers of speed cameras and are removing signage. There are increasing numbers of unmarked police vehicles with camera equipment. Vehicles tend to be stopped at toll booths for an incursion that may have occurred earlier.


Drink drive

It is a requirement to carry a breath test kit in vehicles at all times. However, there is no penalty for not doing so!


Radar detectors, Sat Navs with speed camera locations

It is contrary to French motoring legislation to use radar detectors. If using a sat nav the speed camera waring facility must be disabled. If you are found using such items they may be seized.


Fuel prices

Diesel (gazole) tends to be cheaper than the UK but petrol (essence) is of a similar price.


The links below take you to the main motoring organisation’s sites

Driving in Europe/France, The AA

Driving in France, The RAC

French Autoroutes

Air Travel Information

The region is served by a number of airports supporting the Low Cost carriers. These include Bergerac, Brive-Souillac and Limoges. Further afield is Bordeaux, a large international airport.

Journey times to our house:

Bergerac 1 hour

Brive-Souillac 1 hour 15 minutes

Limoges 2 hours

Bordeaux 2 hours 30 minutes

The availability of flights varies considerably throughout the year. The summer period is well serviced.


Car hire is available at all the airports. We use the following company to hire vehicles:

Most of the staff at the collection desks are British or speak good English.

To reduce the cost of the excess insurance yearly policies are available. Costing around £40. These policies are readily available and offer considerable savings on the daily prices offered by the car hire companies.

We have previously used:


Exchange Rate

For more details on availability & booking visit our page on Chez Nous

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